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James H. Skidmore

Jim SkidmoreJames H. Skidmore has been a Certified Public Accountant, in the state of Oklahoma, since 1985. He has 35 years experience, with the Internal Revenue Service, 27 of those years as an Internal Examiner, which entailed examination of federal income tax returns, preparing briefing reports for several different levels of Internal Revenue Management and International Special Trial Attorneys. He was a contributing member of a special team, for the IRS National Office, that created software to help identify┬ž482, and other national issues. He’s taught Basic Internal Revenue Agent classes, IRS International Issue classes, and CPE courses for International Agents. He was a Becker CPA Review Course Instructor, for 15 years, and taught at the Missouri Farm and Urban Tax Institutes. He’s represented multiple individuals and corporations during examination, audit procedures, and appeals of tax assessment with the IRS. He, currently, serves individuals, small businesses, and corporations in tax consulting, planning, preparation, representation, and trusts. He’s, also, involved in litigation involving displaced value of businesses and its related assets. Having experience in such a wide range of tax law gives our Clients the expertise and security they desire.

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