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Tulsa Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Dedicated Attorneys Helping Motorcycle Accident Victims in Northeastern Oklahoma

Riding a motorcycle in Oklahoma, which has miles of roads that are perfect for group and solo rides, can be a thrilling experience. From riding as part of a social experience to commuting to using your motorcycle as a way to get out under the big sky on your own, it is easy to see why motorcyclists are enthusiastic about their hobby.

Riding a motorcycle, as fun as it may be, is also dangerous. And when a motorcycle and a car collide, it is often the motorcyclist who suffers the greatest degree of injuries and losses. The Tulsa motorcycle accident lawyers at the law offices of Levinson Law, P.C. have seen how catastrophic and life-changing motorcycle crashes can be, and are committed to advocating for you if have been injured.

When a Motorcycle Accident Changes Your Life, You Need a Legal Professional on Your Side

A motorcycle accident can change your life in a split second. When it does, you may suffer serious injuries that not only cause you pain and disability, but that affect your ability to do a number of professional and personal activities. Our attorneys help you by filing a claim that seeks compensation for the full value of:

  • Past and future medical expenses;
  • Past and future lost wages and lost earning capacity;
  • Physical pain;
  • Emotional suffering and anguish;
  • Psychological harm;
  • Property damage; and
  • Any other economic or noneconomic losses.

We negotiate with an insurance company to do everything possible to maximize your compensation award.

Who Pays for My Injuries after a Crash?

Because Oklahoma is an at-fault car insurance state, the party who is responsible for paying for your injuries is the party who caused your accident. While another driver is typically the at-fault party, another motorcyclist, the manufacturer of a vehicle or your motorcycle, or even a municipality (i.e. if a defective road/lack of road maintenance caused your accident) may be liable for your injuries.

In order to recover the full amount of compensation that you deserve, you will need to prove the fault of the other driver. You will also need to prove that you did not contribute to your accident or injuries through fault of your own, such as not wearing a helmet, not having proper and required motorcycle equipment, lane-splitting, riding while intoxicated, etc.

Contact Our Tulsa Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Today

A motorcycle accident has the potential to be deadly, and if you do live, you may suffer severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, back or spinal cord injury, disfiguring road rash injuries, broken bones, and more.

When your Oklahoma motorcycle accident would not have occurred but for the fault and negligence of another party, our legal team is here to handle all aspects of your claim and help you to maximize your settlement. To schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with the law offices of Levinson Law, P.C. today, call us now or send us an email. Our Tulsa motorcycle accident lawyers can travel to your location if you are unable to make it to our offices.

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