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The Levinson, Smith & Huffman Tulsa Family Group handles some of the most personal and emotionally charged issues a client can encounter in the Court system. In an effort to try to reduce a client’s stress level as they navigate the judicial process, we always encourage clients to use alternate dispute methods such as mediation or collaboration to resolve their disputes. Even if a case has traveled down the litigation path, prior to trial, alternate dispute methods are explored to help reduce the costs of trial and angst of the client.

When efforts of settlement do not resolve the matter, we can address the client’s position in Court aggressively and effectively. We also have Attorney’s at Levinson, Smith & Huffman that are very accomplished at writing Appellate briefs if one party to the litigation desires to have a higher court review the lower courts decision.

Historically, 85% of family cases are settled and resolved without trial on the merits. To us every case is unique and is as important to us as it is to the client.


This facet of Family Law can be very high conflict especially if custody is an issue. Areas of Domestic litigation that we handle are:

  • Divorce
  • Custody and Modification of Custody
  • Common Law Marriage
  • Paternity
  • Protective Orders
  • Prenuptial Agreement Contests

In each instance, a parties emotions, perception and perspectives and extended family dynamic always affect the approach and resolution obtained in domestic matters.


We handle many aspects of probate which include probate of a will, probate with a holographic will, probate without a will and challenges to probates by heirs. These matters can parley into extended families arguing over the execution of a will, overreaching by a sibling, child, other family member or 3rd party.

Many times, even when the deceased had a trust, wanting to avoid probate, it will end up in a fight between the beneficiaries or Trustee that requires judicial intervention. Mediated family settlements are encouraged if the remaining family wants a relationship post probate/litigation.


We offer our clients a comprehensive group of professionals to assist them with planning, negotiating and drafting documents for their estate and prenuptial agreements. The Tax Group can assist with business and personal tax planning and the use of estate planning tools such as trusts, insurance vehicles and other tax shelters. The Tax Group also provides forensic accounting if allegations of misuse of funds are made. We also help clients make and prepare for end-of-life medical decisions and other considerations.


Our Family team also assists clients when a Guardianship, which is legal protection for a minor or incapacitated adult who can no longer take care of their own affairs. Guardianships can be established by the Court on behalf of people who are allegedly incompetent, addicted or disabled, as well as minors in certain situations. Periodically, we assist the Personal Injury Group if a minor has been awarded money for damages from an accident or injury.

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